Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh, Wikipedia, you seldom fail to disappoint

The World Cup in South Africa has spurred my interest to learn a little about the continent-that-white-people-forgot. While at work today, I read some interesting stuff on Wikipedia about Nigeria before opening the Cameroon page.

In a paragraph about Cameroon's liberation from British rule, I came across this nugget of wisdom1:

"In British Cameroons, the question was whether to miss avery fucks! me up reunify with French Cameroun or join Nigeria." [My italics.]

Of course, the real tragedy here is that this contributor split an infinitive. And that fucks! me up.2

1: If you'd like to find it, go here. The paragraph in question is just above the photo of Ahmadou Ahidjo arriving in Washington.
2 It's not surprising that this happens, I suppose. But it is funny when you find it. After all, people have a hard time handling responsibility.