Monday, July 12, 2010

A recap of sorts

Hmm...remember when I promised to update my blog frequently? Yeah, I've been failing. So I'll give you a summer summary.

Updates on the Escort can now be found at our build page. An update on our theme will be following shortly there, as well as a re-posting of all Alan's and my previous posts on our personal blogs. Clearly, we will be going by the Team Resignation moniker from now on.

In other car news, I traded in my venerable 1997 Saturn wagon1 a few months ago. He was a trusty friend that did all that was asked of him without complaint. I entrusted the car dealership to make sure he went to a nice farm with plenty of 93 octane, long straight roads, and other Saturns to play with.

In replacement, I purchased a snazzy little 2004 Ford Focus ZX3, a daft 2-door hatchback. It's efficient, spacious, and reliable. I've put it through its paces and found it adequate for my purposes. It's not quick, but it handles well and it's surprisingly comfortable. It also has the same engine type that our Escort racer will have. So I guess that's something.

Gratuitous sexy pose with the new ride:
Yes, it's so exciting that my eyes are closed. Really, my options were this or a Yugo2. But I couldn't find anybody selling the requisite second Yugo (for parts) that you should purchase when buying one.

Somewhere in the last month or so, I had a birthday. It was nearly ruined by work-mandated fun at a large outdoor amusement park on a triple-digit day, but I escaped in time to have it saved by a steak dinner, a White Sox win, and Toy Story 33.

Finally, I have two trips planned for the next month. This upcoming weekend, I will be competing in the Air Hockey World Championships in Houston. I fly out on Friday, arriving in time to compete in the Amateur Doubles tournament with my sometimes nemesis4, Brian Quezada. The following day, I'll compete in the Singles tournament, which lasts through Sunday if I play well enough. I'll return home Monday evening, hopefully with some hardware and without heat stroke.

In early August, Jenny and I will be spending a week at the cottage in Sister Lakes, Michigan, where her family used to vacation. It will be a quiet week, with some fishing and lots of lounging. A few friends may come up here and there throughout the week for some fishing and possibly to catch a Chump Car race at Gingerman Raceway in nearby South Haven.

Anyway, check back next week for an update on how I fared at the air hockey tournament. With a little luck, I think I might be able to coax a few wins here and there and maybe even put up a fight for the Amateur singles trophy.

Or maybe I'll just sweat off 30 pounds in the hellish Houston heat.

1 I probably should have sold it to a LeMons team for overhaul and such. With nearly a 180,000 on the clock, the engine was still strong. It may have been the only strong part left, though.
2 There was a Yugo ad that says "Everybody needs a Yugo sometime." This is like saying everybody needs a car that literally falls to pieces within 10,000 miles of its assembly.
3 Thanks, Jenny!
4 Brian isn't really a bad nemesis; he's just close to my skill level and probably a little better, actually. When we play against each other, it usually goes down to the last point of the last game. It's epic sporting contest at its best, much like Rojo Johnson's professional baseball debut.


  1. It is surprisingly difficult to find a picture of a Yugo on fire via Google.

  2. You are welcome for the birthday adventures

  3. Yeah, Pat, they don't stay put together long enough to catch on fire.

  4. That Yugo ad is really ... sad? I don't know. It might be the fist pumping.

    Alan told me about your week in Michigan and that we were invited. My coworker already took the first week of August off (awesome), but I might be able to finagle a long weekend.

  5. @ amanda: Yeah, there's really nothing triumphant about a Yugo unless you can actually get one to run consistently for 30,000 miles or so.

    Anyway, you and Alan should come up for a day or two at least. It'll be neat-o.