Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The one who rules the Rood roost...

This is Jenny Lynn Meyerhyphenrood1. Well, that will be her name by the end of next year.

You see, she and I are getting married next summer. Or fall. Or somewhere in between summer and fall.

Anyway, Jenny initially insisted that I not buy her a ring2. But I insisted back that we find a nice, simple ring that wasn't going to cost a small fortune or weigh heavily on our consciences. So we picked out a pretty basic ring made with two lab-created pink-and-white sapphires. It looks like this:3

Keep an eye out for an evite4 or something when next year rolls around in the mud and then walks across your freshly mopped kitchen tile.

1 Trees only grow out of her head once in a while.
2 Also, Jenny proposed to me. She did the hard part and insisted that I not buy her a ring. Best. Fee-on-say2A. Ever.
2A The spelling here is phonetic so that I didn't have to look up the keystroke for the accent mark2B.
2B Incidentally, to make an "é," all you need to do is hold down "Alt" and then type 0-2-3-3. You may ask yourself, why did you not return to footnote 2 and replace the correct spelling of "fiancée?" And I shall respond that I don't tell you how to do your job2C.
2C But I would if I gave enough of a crap to bother asking you what you do for a living, because, let's face it, you probably suck at it.
3 Please excuse the crappy cell-phone photo; neither of us owns a real camera. But you're welcome to see it in person for the low sum of 11% of your yearly income, plus fees.
4 Unless you suck. Then your evite will be sent to a developing nation where children receive, on average, fewer than two evites per year.

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  1. To save one keystroke, you may want to note that "é" can also be accomplished by Alt-1-3-0. The rest of the accent sequence begins at Alt-1-6-0.


    Oh, also, congratulations!