Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watcha feedin'?

A package was sitting by our door when Jenny and I returned from work today. It was addressed to the aparment's previous occupant, whose name suggests a recent immigrant from eastern Europe. The return address indicated it was from "Hare Today Gone Tomorrow" in Pennsylvania, which I figured meant the weirdos who lived here previously had a bunny or two. For whatever reason, it brought to mind a particular scene from "Roger and Me." But I digress...

I found the package interesting for several reasons:

1) Wouldn't "Perishable" be enough on the box? Does anyone really need to know that the contents are frozen AND that it's pet food?
2) Why would rabbit food be frozen? It's vegetables. You can buy them at Jewel, which is 11 feet away if you live in the suburbs.
3) Why the hell would you have a rabbit in an apartment?

It was all kind of mystery.

Until I found the Web site.

It's not food FOR rabbits. It's food FROM rabbits1.

I'm glad that box is out of my house. Sorry, weirdo, your pet food is about to perish. Again.

1 For a moment, please consider the sinister name of the company1A.
1A The advertised "Top Sellers" on the Web site are as follows:

1. Ground Rabbits/Bones/Organs, 5 Lb.
2. Boneless Ground Rabbit, 1 Lb.
3. Ground Rabbits/Bones/Organs, 1 Lb.

The front page of the site also advertises Dehydrated Wild Cod Fish Skins in the "What's New" section.

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  1. Dehydrated wild cod fish skins would go well with a can of potted meat food product. Who doesn't like mechanically-separated poultry and/or beef?